Solid extension beam and collector for DDinnoKK energy wood grapple


Tip bucket for mini loader 


The tip bucket can now be manufactured without metal lathes. Bushings and pins can manufacture example from purchase Warma (In Finland) bushing and round bar ready-blanks.

Also many other products can manufacture without metal lathe if need. See from product information or ask

DDinnoKK energy wood grabble


DDinno product family have just got a ne member DDinno KK energy wood grapple for excavator (5-20tn) BUILDING KIT. The prototype is just finalizing from manufacture. Next step is tests..

DDinno sand silo


The smallest DDinno sand silo size (I) has got big brother silo size III where a filling station spacing is 2300 mm. The tank size increases to 9.5 m3. Thanks to the modular structure, the size can be further increased up to 11.8 m3 at this stage. Size's III dry weight approx. 1100kg. The manufacturing drawings of silo size III are finalizes and first prototype manufacturing start possible at September of 2021.