For buyer of the BUILDER KIT (DIY manufacturing)

DDinno products are primarily attachment BUILDING KITS for Avant mini loader (or similar machines with the same brackets). The design of DDinno products have based to designing for personally needs. Therefore, all product categories in the product list are grounded to mini loader Avant 500 series size category. Depending on the need and demand, more size classes will be designed according to resources. Widely all products are laser-cut metal sheet-based product, which based on the excellent accuracy and versatility of laser-cutting. This procedure has copied in all DDinno sheet plate-structured products. Exactly to right model laser-cut plates position exactly to each others with form-fitting joints, eg with focusing nozzle. This makes the whole structures very dimensionally accurate. DDinno products are BUILDING KITS designed to be manufactured with a limited tool repertoire so that enthusiasts can assemble DDinno attachment themselves in their own hobby garage. Minimum tool requirement MIG -welding equipment and basic hand tools.


One of the best way to get know DDinno products manufacture procedure is watch the Youtube video of Grab Buckle prototype manufacturing videos Part 1 and Part 2 (Click link "Part x"). NOTE that the videos are from prototyping, which have not yet been optimized in structure and debugged!!

When purchasing the DDinno BUILDING KIT, DD Innovations Oy delivers the manufacturing documents (manufacturing drawings, manufacturing instructions and operation and maintenance instructions) for a fee directly for builder and help locates the nearest local laser cutter or utilizes DD Innovations Oy's cheapest laser cutters. After fee DD Innovations Oy sends the cutting models with plate bending instructions to the laser cutter, which cuts and bend the cut metal sheets. After fee the buyer/builder of BUILDING KIT get laser cut and bended sheet metal parts directly from laser cutter.

The BUILDING KITS for DDinno products are not CE marked. The DDinno BUILDING KITS apply the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC as a semi-finished product. DD Innovations Oy issues a declaration of conformity to the BUILDING KITS with regard to development, design and safety solutions. The manufacture of a CE-marked device requires different requirements, which DD Innovations Oy cannot insure. If there is a need for the CE marking, the buyer/builder of the construction set must complete the actions required by the CE to finish.

So the finished parts will be picked up or sent according to the agreement against for fee. DD Innovations Oy therefore orders the surgery, but the buyer of the construction set pays the bill directly to the laser cutter. The buyer/builder procures the other necessary parts according to the procurement list.

DD Innovations Oy has discounts from Kymppitaito hydraulic cylinders ( -27%) can be redeemed with a building kit-specific code. All manufacturing documents have translated to English. Check out the DDinno SHOP catalogy and ask for more information!

DDinno BUILDER KIDs can deliver round of the world. Only laser cutting has to be availability on transporting distance from builder, that laser cut sheet parts can delivery for builder. If You have some other loader when Avant etc. take contact so we can discuss about connection brackets updating to Your loader.

Things what describe DDinno BUILDING KID:
  • Responsibility
  • Accurate Laser-cut steel sheet parts, which laser- marked parts (for indentification)
  • Assembly helping positioning nozzles (with right tolerances) => accurate design
  • The parts have designed carefully to make easy assembly (for hobbyist also)
  • Purchase list (Example Finnish)
  • Manufacturing drawings (Finnish/English) (Example 1,
  • Manufacturing Instruction: clarification in addition to drawings
  • Operation and Maintenance instruction (Finnish/English) (Example English)
  • Semi-finished product CE -mark from development, design and safety solutions parts (NOT from manufacturing part)
  • Personally manufacturing support (Finnish/English)
  • Happy hobbyist 
  • DD innovations Oy target is not big business but happy customer, constructive feedback and good references
  • ...