Manufacture Yourself (DIY)

By manufacturing DDinno implements yourself, you will get to know the thoroughly. The value of making your own hobby is something other than x € / h in to what you will achieved. Still You save money to compare that you buy to ready product. In DDinno -products have also properties what no have in in he market products. Still You can optimize the product just for perfect to Yourself. In DDINNO -products have used quite a much development work and after prototype tests constuction have optimized that manufacture run fluently and the product work right.

DD innovations Oy is small engineering office and resourses are small, so all functions be balance with this. Target of DD innovations Oy not have busines, but happy customer and good references.

For one piece to be manufactured, the development and design input is large in a hobby manufacturing for one new product. In DDinno -products developing have made and You can focus full power to manufactring. Normally in home made manufacturing phase itself, only a proto is actually produced, which is repaired, improved and optimized. After the first optimized product, Home made builder know how the product should implement. In DDinno -BUILDING KITS -product this work phase have done. Still DDinno products evolve by tests and by use experience and by feedbacks.

If the feedback is relevant enough, it is better to give birth to a new product. DD Innovations Oy is is humble to hear the experiences and ideas of home made manufacturers.

All ideas and suggestions can not implemented, but every single idea take seriously.

Backround of many DDinno product have also big hobby facebook group, which has given many excellent advise and opinon. The bests advice is put together in one package to DDinno -products. Buying DDinno product and giving feedback about the product You will participate developing of DDinno products.

DDinno products are developed and designed on a hobby basis without productive business. DDinno products are developed and designed with a passion for development. The best salary is all kinds of feedback. Positive and successful feedback is, of course, more than expected feedback.

DD Innovations Oy wishes much enjoying and much nice experience with the BUILDING KID manufacturing and in products using . Thank You for hobbier who will challege himself with DDinno -product