COMING! (In prototype manufacturing)

Grab bucket BUILDING KIT (DIY) 

A grab bucket is a full-blooded bucket attachment for mini loader, which one can do all normal work when by normal snow/ground bucket. In DDinno grab bucket has added grab boom. With the grab boom can filled the bucket and lock the goods during transport.

The grab works with a single feed of hydraulics, but the grab still has two functions: boom closing and grab boom closing.

Goods can be light, such as collected leaves of tree, twigs, sawdust, peat, mulch, snow, ...or a some solid particle such as stone or tree trunk. But goods can be also more heavy just kind of sand or macadam. Often mini loader not have enough force yo fill bucket fluently. The grab help fill bucket with less force.

See Operation and Maintenance Instruction (FIN not translate yet to EN) (push link). Document's pictures open functions of bucket.

Prototype manufacturing started begin of August of 2021 (see videos Part 1 and Part 2 (push links))